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Rain Barrel Workshop Friday, September 20th 2024

Regular price $35.00

Participants will gather in person for this hands-on workshop to learn how to turn a used, food-grade barrel into a rain barrel, why it is important to capture rainwater, and how to maintain your barrel. Attendees will retrofit their barrel and take it home from the workshop.

Pre-registration is required and participants must drive a suitable vehicle to take home their 55-gallon rain barrel.

Only 1 Rain Barrel per Household; must attend class to receive materials. Couples in the same household can attend together but only pay one registration fee as they will only be receiving one barrel.

During the retrofit, use of drills are necessary. We encourage you to bring your own drill. We will have one to use and all of the drill bits to drill holes, but work will go faster with more drills.

Refunds will be provided if no less than 24hrs notification is given to This will also us to contact someone else to ensure the barrel and space in the class is not wasted.

Cost: $35 per person.

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