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Voluntary Stewardship Program

Our Voluntary Stewardship Program

Landowner Information

If you are a landowner who is looking for financial or technical assistance, call or email one of the contacts at the right. If you would first like to read about the various ways we can help, click through the Programs and Departments menus above.

Conservation Interest Survey

Landowners like you play a pivotal role in protecting the natural resources in Spokane County. We would like to know what programs you feel would be a benefit to your unique property. If you would like to participate and give your feedback, please complete this survey by clicking here.

What is VSP?

The Spokane Conservation District is proud to announce the Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP). It’s an alternative approach to protect and enhance critical areas within the area where agricultural activities are conducted while maintaining and improving the long-term viability of agriculture in the state of Washington and reducing the conversion of farmland to other uses.

We have recently formed a work group to develop the Spokane County VSP. The goal is to have a local, collaborative group of stakeholders that represent multiple industries. They will work to create a watershed-based, collaborative stewardship planning process that uses voluntary, incentive-based practices. 

More information about VSP can be found online from the Washington State Conservation Commission.

Work Group Meetings, Members & Staff

The VSP formed a workgroup representing various stakeholder groups. It was approved by the Spokane County Board of County Commissioners.
Work Plan Members & Staff list.

Contact Jocob Taylor at for location or conference call information.

Next Meeting: September 11, 2024 6 pm-8 pm Agenda

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SCD is available to explore funding opportunities and financial aid programs that can support your conservation efforts. From grants and loans to cost-sharing programs, we can help you access the necessary resources to make your conservation projects a reality.

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Voluntary Stewardship Program Contact

Jacob Taylor
Conservation Specialist

509-535-7274, ext. 240

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