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Upper Columbia Resource Conservation and Development Council

The Upper Columbia RC&D was chartered in August of 1993.  The UC RC&D is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation that serves five counties in northeast Washington helping communities solve resource issues.  The UC RC&D area includes Ferry, Pend Orielle, Spokane, Stevens, and Whitman County.

The RC&D program was established with the purpose of improving and expanding opportunities for individuals, organizations, conservation districts and governments by enhancing and sustaining communities and natural resources. RC&D councils identify unmet needs in their communities and work to solve them through a wide range of actions. 

The Upper Columbia RC&D has identified and prioritizes the following activities:


  • Energy Conservation/Solar/Hydro/Wind/Nuclear
  • Alternative AG opportunity/Bio-Farming Community Based
  • Urban Growth/Development
  • AG Land Sustainability
  • Forest Health
  • Mined Land Reclamation & Revitalization


  • Use & Quality of Rural Water Supply
  • Water Shed Planning/Improvement Of Water Quality
  • Conservation/Use/Lawn/Xeriscape
  • Storm Water
  • Ground Water Protection
  • Wetland/Riparian Protection


  • Rural Housing
  • Communications Systems & Rural Broadband
  • Recreational Facilities Improvement
  • Food Security
  • Economic Development/Resource Based
  • Small Business Support


  • AG & Environmental Education
  • New/Beginning Farmer Development
  • Youth Focused Educational Programming

Upper Columbia RC&D Officers 

  • Chair – Seth Walser
  • Vice Chair – Alex Case-Cohen
  • Secretary – Vicki Carter
  • Treasurer – Cori Turntine

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Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:30pm
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