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Our most important source of funding is gifts from people like you! And your help is tax-deductible.

Spokane Conservation District is a state-like not-for-profit agency that relies on grants, sponsorships, advertising, donations, and money raised from fundraising events for its funding to support our educational, environmental, and conservation programs. We are not a state, federal, or county agency. We need the help of your tax-deductible contributions. A Conservation District is classified as a Sec. 501(c)(1) organization and as such, any donations or gifts to the district qualify as charitable contributions under IRS Code Section 170(c)(1) and may be deductible as such on the donor’s income tax return. Any donor should be advised to consult with their tax advisor regarding specific circumstances surrounding their own tax situation. 

SCD is allowed to accept public donations, pursuant to RCW 89.08.220 regarding the corporate status and powers of conservation districts, which reads:

"Districts have the power to obtain options upon and to acquire in any manner, except by condemnation, by purchase, exchange, gift, bequest, devise or otherwise any property, real or personal, or rights or interests therein; to maintain, administer and improve any properties acquired, to receive income from such properties and to expend such income in carrying out the purposes and provisions."

Our most important source of funding is gifts from people like you! And your help is tax-deductible.

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SCD is available to explore funding opportunities and financial aid programs that can support your conservation efforts. From grants and loans to cost-sharing programs, we can help you access the necessary resources to make your conservation projects a reality.

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