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Vets on the Farm - Transition

Vets on the Farm - Transition


Why We Started

The average age of the American farmer is over 60 years old. With retirement just around the corner for many of them, it’s estimated we will need a million new farmers over the next 10 years to fill this growing gap in the agriculture industry. The film, GROUND OPERATIONS – Battlefields to Farmfields, depicts this epidemic and proposes trading our battle gear for farm equipment to ensure the survival of our precious food and fiber in this country. Those who have provided us with our national security are now providing our food security! Click here for more information on GROUND OPERATIONS.

Who We Serve?

  • Active Duty
  • Separated
  • Retired US Military Veterans.

We emphasize to our latest generation of Veterans to tap into vital transferable skills that they possess.

How Do I Start?

If you are in interested becoming involved in Vets on the Farm, please click here and fill out our member application. You will be contacted and invited to attend an introductory meeting to help get you on your way.


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