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Technical Assistance for Forestry Resources

Technical Assistance for Forestry Resources

Our Forestry Department is equipped to help you assess resource conditions and forest/tree health, identify potential problems and opportunities, and recommend management practices to help you achieve your objectives.

Forestry Technical Assistance

If you live in Spokane County and own forestland you can request to have a district forester come walk through your woods with you and provide you with management advice on management plans, insects and disease, fuels reduction, noxious weeds and any other questions you might have about your forest. 

Arboricultural Technical Assistance

If you own property in Spokane County you can request to have a district arborist come to your house and provide you with advice on tree selection and placement, tree risk, insect and disease issues and any other arboricultural questions you may have.  The trees to be evaluated must be on the property of the person requesting assistance, we will not assess trees on your neighbor’s property.

Request technical assistance here.


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