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Deadman Creek Riparian Restoration

Deadman Creek flows from its headwaters on Mt Spokane through agricultural land to its terminus in the Little Spokane River. The creek has become overrun by invasive reed canary grass which in conjunction with past land practices has resulted stream erosion creating near vertical banks and limited floodplain. This condition has led to continued excess erosion and limited riparian habitat diversity and cover.

The Spokane Conservation District was approached by a landowner eager to restore the stream on their property. This will involve excavating new floodplain benches that will also create a wetland environment. Woody debris placed along the bottoms of the banks will inhibit future erosion while providing fish habitat.

After excavating the floodplain, the site will be planted with native vegetation and grasses. The roots from these plants will stabilize the banks and provide a diverse riparian habitat. As trees grow, they will shade the stream, critical to keeping water cool enough for aquatic species that rely on this waterway between the Little Spokane River and the headwater habitats


  • 1,000 linear feet bank stabilization.
  • 2,305 cubic yards of material.
  • ~0.31 acres of new floodplain.
  • ~0.65 acres of habitat restoration.


  • $239,000 Total Budget.
  • WA State Department of Ecology’s Water Quality Program.
  • WA State Conservation Commission.
  • Landowner in-kind contribution.

Contacts: Spokane Conservation District, 4422 E. 8th Ave. Spokane Valley, WA 99212 ph: (509) 535-7274 Eric Allen, , Walt Edelen,

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